Islamic State edit 'laws for the use of sex slaves’

The group tries to reinterpret centenarians teachings to justify sexual slavery.
29/12/2015 11h11 - Updated 29/12/2015 11h11
Photo: Rodi Said/Reuters

Theologians of the Islamic State (NO) They issued an extremely detailed decision on when “owners” women enslaved by the extremist group may have sex with them. The decision, or fatwa, It has the force of law and seems to go beyond the known previous statements on the subject of EI, said a scholar of the jihadist group. The measure sheds new light on how the group is trying to reinterpret centenarians teachings to justify the sexual slavery of women in areas of Syria and Iraq that controls.

The fatwa was among a huge collection of documents captured by US Special Operations Forces during an attack that targeted a senior official of the Islamic state in Syria, in May. The Reuters had contact with some of the documents, that were not previously published, and on Monday and Tuesday published reports revealing parts of the material. Among the religious norms are the parent of prohibition and son having sex with the same slave; and the owner of a mother and daughter having sex with both.

The United Nations (HIM) and human rights groups accuse the Islamic State of abduction and systematic rape of thousands of women and girls, especially members of the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq. Many have been given to soldiers as a reward or are sold as sex slaves. Far from trying to hide the practice, EI boasts of his criminal actions and created a department “spoils of war” to manage slavery.

In an April report, Human Rights Watch interviewed twenty fugitives who told how Islamic State fighters separated the women and girls of men and boys and older women. They were taken “in an organized and methodical way to various places in Iraq and Syria” and were then sold or given as gifts, and repeatedly raped or subjected to sexual violence.


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