Falabella rebels with public and dispera 'uneducated' parts

Actor complained of people going to the theater and not detach the phone.
04/12/2015 16h16 - Updated 4/12/2015 16h16
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The actor and director Miguel Falabella unburdened on the Brazilian theater public profile on Facebook, late on Thursday. “I am a man I have had the privilege to travel a lot and watch some great shows around the world. never seen, I repeat, I have never seen a person pick up the phone in the middle of the audience and be giving your messages”, he wrote Falabella. “But this seems to have become a habit in Brazil, for some people without education, estupidificadas the Platonic reflection of their trifles.”

The actor, however, He made a concession, saying that most of the public, actually, It is more respectful. “Every now and then comes a green face, lit in the middle of the audience and I wonder if it is worth the effort. It's just an outburst. The vast majority of the public, Thank God, still keeps the flame burning. Went.”

Source: Veja.com

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