Gusttavo Lima decides to hold concerts after mother's death

Sebastiana Maria died at 66 years while sleeping.
21/12/2015 11h53 - Updated 21/12/2015 12h02
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The frontiersman Gusttavo Lima decided to maintain the schedule of shows after the death of his mother, no last Saturday. Sebastiana Maria died at 66 years while sleeping, on the family farm in Presidente Olegario, Minas Gerais, due to heart problems. The next presentations of the singer are scheduled for day 26 from December, in the city of Cruzília, it is day 27, in Florianopolis. “My mother always liked to see me singing and I'm sure will continue to see where it goes”, He said the musician in a statement released Monday by his press office.

Gusttavo back steps, Minas Gerais, when he received the news of the death of his mother. According to the musician's press office, it was about two hours at the funeral, but he could not attend the funeral because he was very shaken. The Sebastiana's body was buried in Barreiro Cemetery Mines, even where you are buried Luciana dos Reis Lima, singer's sister who died in 2012, to 26 years old.

This Sunday, the countryman published on Instagram a photo beside his mother. “What I feared most happened…the little mother, why not wait for me?”, said the caption. “It was just a day trip, tomorrow we would spend the day together, I promised I would see you on Sunday. Come back, please, time. Soon I will find you, I promise.”

The death of Sebastiana occurred just four days after the singer official civil union with Andressa Suita model, in Goiania. The religious ceremony is scheduled to take place only next year. Andressa also posted in your social networks a message to mother. “And she blessed our union and rested in peace! It is quiet I will not forget your request, I take care with all my strength of your baby”.


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