Man arrested in Port of Manaus trying to get stolen car to Porto Velho

The arrest took place during an inspection at a port in Educandos neighborhood.
24/12/2015 15h30 - Updated 24/12/2015 15h30
Photo: PC Release

The research team of the Specialized Police in robberies and thefts of vehicles (DERFV) arrested, in the act, on Tuesday, day 22, por volta the 23h, the polisher vehicles Neirimar John Pereira Junior Izel, 26, involved in receiving qualified and false documentation of use. The arrest took place during an inspection at a port in Educandos neighborhood, South of Manaus.

According to the holder delegate Derfv, Pericles Rodrigues, John's arrest was the result of an operational work aimed to identify vehicles transported from Manaus undocumented. "There is a high incidence of transport stolen cars, especially this time of year, why did this inspection on a ferry bound for Porto Velho. During the approach, we also see the falsity of the vehicle documentation ", said.

Even as the delegate, the car that was in John's possession, a car model Punto, red color and NOY plate-8729, It was robbed on Friday, day 11, Ten in Park neighborhood, Central South zone of the capital, However, during surveillance of Derfv, the board found the car had been modified to NOW-6839.

When asked where he lived, John declared to reside in the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia, but indicated a house in the neighborhood Mount of Olives, North of Manaus, as the address where he is residing for a week in the city.

According to the delegate Pericles, a team of police officers went to that address, where they seized a car Celta model, JXP-4742 card that had been stolen a few hours ago. "The theft took place at 22.30 and managed to locate the vehicle at 23:30, that is, in one hour. at the police station, We see that it has already responded to two criminal cases, one being, by receiving, in Porto Velho ", he explained.

Even as the police authority, the investigations into the crimes committed by John will continue, because of the suspicion of his involvement in collusion of others. "Our investigations will continue, because we will identify if there are other people involved with him in the practice of these crimes ", assured the delegate Pericles Rodrigues.

John Neirimar was booked in flagrante by qualified receiving crime and false document usage. After the closure of the procedures applicable, it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which remain at the disposal of justice.

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