Lava Jet suspends conservative agenda Cunha

26/12/2015 13h36 - Updated 26/12/2015 13h36
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Cornered by complaint in Operation Lava Jet and the possible consequences of the investigations in the Supreme Court, the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), failed to advance the conservative agenda backed by suprapartisan stands ruralista, Evangelical and police, known as “BBB” – bala, ox and Bible.

Exalted at the beginning of the legislature, and played at high speed by its allies in various committees of the House, the agenda of controversial issues has weakened since the Rio deputy broke politically with the government Dilma Rousseff, in mid-July.

In the list of controversial proposals “paralyzed”, are two, authored by Cunha own, as the draft amendment of the Law Assistance to Victims of Sexual Violence and Straight Pride Day of Creation.

The first makes access to legal abortion for rape victims. Also conditions the permission of termination of pregnancy to evidence of a forensic examination and a statement to the police authority.

In justification of the project, Cunha says “the legalization of abortion has been imposed on the entire world by international organizations (??) funded by US foundations linked to supercapitalistas interests”, in order to promote “population control”. The text came to be approved by the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) in October, but since then awaits vote on the House floor.

Two days after the approval of the CCJ, leaked to whistleblower award of Fernando Soares Hawk, Fernando Baiano, named as one of kickbacks from operators in the Petrobras on the PMDB. in testimony, Baiano says Cunha was bribe recipient of US $ 5 million paid by lobbyist Julio Camargo. The mayor was accused in investigation of this case.

Also authored by Speaker of the House, the creation of Heterosexual Pride Day did not quite go that far and, currently, It is under discussion in the Commission on Human Rights and Minorities. The proposal establishes a penalty of up to three years for those who discriminate against heterosexuals and determines that measures and anti-discrimination policies pay attention to that possibility.

In the long list of controversial projects posed by Cunha discussed in the first half, before the progress of the investigations of the jet wash, They are, still, the Disarmament Statute and the Statute of the Family, both in the queue to vote on the House floor.

In the list of materials taken over by the Mayor is still Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of reducing the legal age of 18 for 16 years. The text came to be approved by the House and was referred to the Senate. Similar efforts dedicated by the deputies did not echo, however, in reviewing House, what “froze” or discussion. The proposal is awaiting vote in the Committee on Constitution and Justice. Five others on the same topic are waiting for a vote of senators in plenary.

With the provision of the advance of research on jet wash 2016, the evaluation of parliamentary is that hardly Cunha will be able to impose the same pace of discussion of controversial issues such as established in the first half of this year.


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