Law requires malls keep escalator in operation for every device

The PL is the councilor Marcelo Serafim.
17/12/2015 14h29 - Updated 17/12/2015 14h29
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It was sanctioned by the Executive, Municipal Law n˚ 1.992, Councilman authored by Marcelo Serafim (PSB), requiring the malls of Manaus to keep running escalators and bathrooms throughout office hours, even if they are only running the food courts, restaurants, cinemas and theaters.

"I know seniors who do not go to the movies because the sessions end late and they are unable to descend or climb several steps of stairs, They were unable to use the bathrooms, It was an absolute nonsense. I am very happy with the Law of my own, because the winner is the company ", highlighted Marcelo Serafim.

This time of year, generally increases the flow of people in the malls for holiday shopping and have this convenience, tranquility to shop, convenience to the movies and stay late without being prevented from using the escalators and bathrooms, It is good for buyers.

The Government shall designate the body responsible for overseeing the faithful fulfillment of the law. Marcelo Serafim said he would work tirelessly for the Consumer Protection Committee of the Municipality of Manaus help in the enforcement of the Law, after the consumer deserves respect.

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