More of 600 municipalities present cases of microcephaly

At least 1.153 thousand cases were registered only in Pernambuco.
31/12/2015 13h01 - Updated 31/12/2015 13h01
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They have been reported, so far, 2.975 suspected cases of microcephaly in newborns 656 Counties, in 20 Federative Units. The data is the latest epidemiological bulletin of the year about the disease, collected until the day 26 from December. They are also being investigated 40 suspicious deaths of microcephaly related Zica virus.

The largest number of cases was registered in Pernambuco (1.153), or represents 38,76% cases nationwide. The state was the first to identify increase of microcephaly in the country. Then, are the states of Paraíba (476), Bahia (271), large northern river (154), Sergipe (146), Ceará (134), Alagoas (129), Maranhão (94) and Piauí (51).

In November, the Ministry of Health declared Emergency in Public Health of National Importance, measure used to give greater flexibility to investigations, carried out in an integrated manner with state health secretariats and Municipal. It is also in operation, from o dia 10 from November, the Emergency Operations Center in Health (COES), a crisis management mechanism that brings together the various areas to respond to this event.

currently, Zika circulation is confirmed by PCR test, with molecular biology technology. From the confirmation in a given locality, other diagnoses are made clinically, medical evaluation of symptoms.

The Health technical area of ​​the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM) warning, in addition to the complications caused by diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti, the number of registered cases of microcephaly because of vertical transmission of Zika virus - from mother to fetus - is given quite disturbing. The example is microcephaly, addition of symptoms momentary, the infected may also have permanent health problems.

The CNM has worked, actively, with municipal managers. Actions in defense of the municipalities have been developed as the participation of the entity's board of directors in meetings with the presidency and the claim Ordinance 1.025/2015, by letter filed in federal court.

The ordinance establishes: receiving federal funds to fight the disease and the mosquito transmitter; the establishment of emergency stimulus funding, no particular length of time; targeting, Union together with the United, Technical aid, structural and financial support to municipalities; e, mainly, full payment and day of transfers for the months of December and January.

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