School supplies should be 10% more expensive on average, provides association

The forecast by the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and Importers School Articles.
02/12/2015 11h25 - Updated 2/12/2015 11h30
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The school material should be, average, 10% more expensive 2016, according to a forecast of the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and Importers School Articles (abfis). The association provides that products manufactured in the country, as pen, rubber mass and school, may be increased up to 12% and that imported products, as backpacks, lunch boxes and cases, will rise from 20% a 30%.

According to Abfiae, we last 12 months the items of school supplies rose, average, 10% and the expectation is that this percentage will continue in the next year. Devaluation of the real, increased inputs and labor contribute to increased. "The increase will be higher than in previous years, which has been slightly below inflation. This year will be up because of the devaluation of the exchange rate, that has an impact on the entire production chain ", says the president of the association, Rubens Steps.

According to him, both importers as the domestic industry will feel the impact. The estimated reduction in sales is 5% a 10% about 2014.

In this scenario, President of the association recommends that parents and caregivers who search well before buying the material and anticipate purchases. "Many retailers bought products in the first half of this year even without the rise in prices that occurred from July. These shopkeepers did not suffer with the increases and are averaging better price. The more get anticipate purchases, lower prices ", Explain.

The president of the Association of Parents and Students Federal District (Aspa-DF), Luis Claudio Megiorin, It recommends that parents and caregivers to be alert for school supplies list. by Law 12.886/2013, schools can not force parents to buy for collective use stuff like toilet paper or paper reams. "Just look at the legislation that protects, parents can save the 30 a 40% in spending on school supplies ", says.

Megiorin Another tip is that those responsible for explaining to children and teenagers the economic difficulties that the country is going through and the incentive to choose cheaper products. "It is a time of learning home economics. Parents should teach you not give a new case, one new backpack or notebook in a more expensive brand because the economy is difficult ".

Source: Agency Brazil

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