New PF operation investigates deviations from Petrobras 1997

According to a statement of the PF, the investigation began before Operation Lava Jato.
17/12/2015 09h25 - Updated 17/12/2015 09h25
Photo: Vagner Rosario / Press Release

Federal police broke out on Thursday the operation Blood, that clears embezzlement suspicions in obtaining Petrobras contracts that have occurred since 1997. According to a statement of the PF, the investigation began before Operation Lava Jato, which also clears a corruption scheme set up in the Brazilian state, and have in common targets. altogether, the police meets nine warrants: four probation and five search and seizure in Rio de Janeiro, creek (RJ) and Curitiba.

Two of the arrest warrants were issued against persons already arrested by Lava Jet in Curitiba. Are they: former director of Petrobras Services, Renato Duque, which is connected to the EN; and the former director of the International Jorge Zelada area.

The Black Blood looks contracts signed between Petrobras and the Dutch company SBM Offshore, one of the largest manufacturers of offshore platforms of the world's oil exploration. According to PF, a company that was the bridge between the two companies received the order of transfers 3% a 5% two contracts. “This money returned in the form of tuition fees”, He said to PF.

The operation investigates crimes of tax evasion, tax evasion, diversion of public funds, money laundry, among others.

The Dutch multinational builds and operates platforms for oil companies around the world. No Brasil, the company has contracts with Petrobras totaling at least 27 billion reais. The commercial relationship between the two companies began in 1996.

In plea bargaining the task force Lava Jato, former manager Peter Barusco Petrobras reported that the Dutch company paid kickbacks in exchange for benefits in bids. Barusco also confessed that he asked Julius Faerman, SBM representative in Brazil, that this one “reinforcement” from 300.000 dollars for the presidential campaign of President Dilma Rousseff 2010. Considered one of the key pieces to unravel the petrolão, Faerman also signed a tipoff according awarded the Federal Public Ministry, in which agreed to repatriate 54 millions of dollars that were deposited in Swiss banks.


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