Social organization donates toys and food for children Shelter Mount Salem

currently, 16 children live in Mount Salem.
22/12/2015 14h28 - Updated 22/12/2015 14h28
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Christmas came early for children living in shelter Mount Salem,in Tarumã, area west and you are met by Lar Francisco de Assis, no Santa Etelvina, North Zone. The emergency room staff Hospital Delphina Aziz donated 150 toys for the Christmas Solidarity Campaign, conducted by the Institute of Medicine, Research and Development (miracles), Social organization (THE) administering or Pronto-Socorro.

Toys were donated on Tuesday, 22, three days of Christmas. Under Mount Salem welcomes children orphaned socially vulnerable, abandoned by family, victims of abuse and mistreatment – aged 0 e 12 years. They came under routed by community councils, Central Rescue and Court of Childhood.

currently, 16 children live in Mount Salem. The institution has no link with any one government agency and depends solely on donations. The shelter needs help all sorts, including the personal needs of children: feeding, education, health care and clothing.
Upon learning of the shelter needs, volunteers Humanization Working Group (GTH) PS Delphina Aziz decided to mobilize employees and friends to raise, also, non-perishable food and toiletries to be donated to Mount Salem. More of 150 kilos of food such as flour, rice, Bean, dried meat and other foods that can ensure a good lunch for the children were donated. Detergent, soap and soap were also delivered to the unit.

“When lack food we are talking about the absence of human dignity. The children, beyond the socially vulnerable, They need essential needs and we had to do something”, said the director of PS Delphina Aziz, Remídio Vizzotto.

"Many people can not take a little time to come here. The time for you to leave the activities of you for a few minutes and come here with our children is far more valuable than any help. On behalf of children, I wish a happy Christmas to you ", said the manager of the shelter, Elza Alves Sousa.

Shelter Mount Salem is located in Grove Street, also known as the Green House Road, tarumã. For more information, contact by phone (092) 3011-1894 e (092) 8818-3669.

Home Francis of Assisi
The Home Francis also received the collected toys on Christmas Solidarity Campaign held by Imed. The institution, non-profit, seeks to bring education, citizenship and solidarity to children, youth and adults. currently, or approximately lar benefits 100 children of the neighborhood and surrounding communities, including family members of them.

The director of the institution, Grace Castro highlights the commitment of the Home Saint Francis of Assisi with the general education of children offering tutoring and psychological care and social assistance. The institution maintains projects for children, young, adults and the community in general. The Home Francis of Assisi is a subsidiary of the Social Aquino Tomas Support Center (PIN) It is located at Rua Pedro Teixeira, Nº05, neighborhood Santa Etelvina. For more information, contact by phone (092) 98112-1607 or (092) 99209-4334.

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