Parents can perform online registration to avoid queues at the enrollment period

Enrollment will begin on 17 from January.
31/12/2015 09h43 - Updated 31/12/2015 09h44
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To avoid queues at the time of enrollment of new students in municipal schools for the school year 2016, which will open on 17 from January, parents or guardians of students can now make the register of students is available on the site www.matrí

The completion of online information for the registration does not guarantee the student job, but gives more flexibility in the classroom process, should the parents then look for any of the 719 public schools (225 State and 494 the municipality) In Manaus, that will serve as care centers to take the student documents and confirm registration.

The Municipal Education (semed) make available 42 thousand vacancies for new students in academic year 2016 the municipal school system. Of this amount, 26 thousand will be for Early Childhood Education and almost 18 thousand for Elementary Education.

Who does not carry out the process the site may perform the registration in person from the day 18 until the day 22 January in any teaching unit and not necessarily in the school where the child will study. Initially, the service will be aimed at people who require spaces for the Children's Education (18 a 22 from January); followed by vacancies for 1st to 5th grade and Youth and Adult Education (COME) (19 a 22 from January) and later the 6th to 9th grade and 2nd segment EJA (20 a 22 from January).

enrollment renewals
vacancies for students are guaranteed to have studied in the municipal education 2015. Confirmations of re-enrollments occurred the day 9 per day 29 from December.

If the student has passed to a series where the school he studied in 2015 does not meet, will be held the reordering of students will take place between 4 e 6 from January.

Students who wish to leave the school system can request the transfer via the Internet and in person from the day 11 from January.

The classes of the school year 2016 for students of Semed will begin on 11 of February.

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