Gang that killed in charge of a construction shop is stuck in Manaus

A criminal was working in the store and another was a former employee.
03/12/2015 13h45 - Updated 3/12/2015 13h45
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The Jardson Felix Souza driver Almeida, 29; the auxiliary warehouse, Gutemberg de Lima Mariano, 27, known as "Skinny"; Mason helper Renato Santana dos Santos, 21, and Tatiane Batista Cavalcante seller, 21, They were presented on the morning of Wednesday, day 2, the General Police Headquarters, for involvement in armed robbery occurred at a building supply store, no dia 5 November this year. In this ocasion, in charge of the store, Antonio Moreira Histenis, He was killed. He had 47 years.

The arrest of the offenders was conducted in compliance with court order, on different dates, by the team of Police Specializing in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), under the coordination of the holder delegate to exercise the said police unit, Denis Pinho.

As the police authority, Renato and Tatiane were arrested on Monday, day 30 from November. The Renato prison occurred in Bar Street, Colony neighborhood Newfoundland, North Zone, and Tatiane on Avenida Autaz Mirim, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, East zone. Gutemberg e Jardson, foram capturados na terça-feira, 1st day, em endereços distintos. Gutemberg foi detido na Rua 1, Peace neighborhood, zona Centro-Oeste e Jardson no município de Autazes, distant 113 kilometers straight from the capital.

Also according to the delegate, além dos quatros envolvidos apresentados, houve também a participação de outros quatro indivíduos, between them, a teenage 17 years.
“O adolescente foi apreendido e encaminhado à Delegacia Especializada em Apuração de Atos Infracionais (Deaai). Wallace Monteiro Rodrigues, 25, considerado o líder do bando, He was caught red-handed, on Thursday, day 26, por roubo majorado ocorrido em via pública, in Flores neighborhood, Centro-Sul. O mandado de prisão pelo latrocínio foi cumprido na Unidade Prisional do Puraquequara (UP), onde ele se encontra aguardando parecer judicial. O último envolvido, identificado como Jonatas Lopes Aquino, 18, ainda não foi localizado”, afirmou Pinho.

The delegate explained that in the course of the proceedings were seized two barrels of homemade gun used in the crime. She was buried in the teen's home yard. A caliber revolver 38, also used by the offenders during the action, was not found, possibly it is in possession of Jonatas.

arrest warrants in the name of the top six involved were sent on the last day 27 November this year, by the judge of the 9th Criminal Court, Genesino Braga Neto. They were indicted for crimes of robbery and conspiracy. After the legal procedures, they will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, where they will remain at the disposal of Justice. The teenager will answer for an offense for the same crimes.

According to team information Derfd, The robbery took place on 5 November this year, in a hardware store, located at Avenida Autaz Mirim, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, East zone. Gutemberg, Wallace, Renato, Jonathan and the teenager broke into the shop and stole the amount of R $ 50 thousand in kind, regarding the payment of employees, plus personal belongings and their customers.

Second or delegate, during investigations, It arose the suspicion that the gang had inside information.

"They knew the amount and the exact time the money arrived at the store, therefore, we suspect that they had the help of people who had access to privileged information. We found that Tatiane, who worked as a clerk at the local, He warned her boyfriend, Wallace is a former employee of the establishment, on the arrival of the payment of employees', Pine explained.

The police official explained that during the action, Gutenberg made a homemade shotgun shooting against the charge Histenis Antonio Moreira. The victim was rescued and raised to the hospital Plato Araújo, but it came to death on the spot.

After the offense, the gang fled in a vehicle model Palio, unidentified plates, stolen in front of shop. Then, offenders abandoned the car and followed a car and Celta, in which the expected Jardson. Tatiana continued to work until the day he was arrested by police.

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