Four executives are arrested by the Federal Police for corruption in Rio São Francisco

They are suspected of involvement in the diversion of R $ 200 millions.
11/12/2015 15h00 - Updated 11/12/2015 15h00
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The Federal Police arrested temporarily on Friday, 11, four directors of the companies Galvão Engenharia, OASIS, Cohesive and Barbosa Mello suspected of involvement in the overpricing and diversion of R $ 200 million in two lots of works of the São Francisco transposition, between the interior of Pernambuco and Paraiba.

The information was confirmed this morning by the delegates of the Federal Police in Recife, core operation.

altogether, They were held an executive representing the OAS and Cohesive, a Barbosa Mello and two Galvão Engenharia.

Prisons are temporary, lasting five days and may be extended for another five or converted into preventive – when there is no set deadline to end – and occurred in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Ceará and the Federal District.

Companies make up a consortium responsible for two of 14 lots of transposition which is in the crosshairs of the Federal Police triggered by passing on the funds received from the Ministry of National Integration relating to the work of front companies of the money changers and Alberto Youssef Assad Adir, both been arrested and convicted in Lava Jet for using their companies to launder money in the corruption scheme in Petrobras.

altogether, the consortium received R $ 680 million by the works of the two lots, of which R $ 200 million were transferred to shell companies, according to investigations.

Despite the coincidences with the operation played by Judge Sergio Moro, Parana, research is carried out by the Federal Police in Recife (ON), regardless of Lava Jato.

Realizing that the targets intersected, However, the Federal Police shared information with the task force's flagship operation that dismantled the corruption scheme in Petrobras.

Near 150 federal police met this morning 32 warrants, and 24 search and seizure, 4 of forceful and four prison in Pernambuco State, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Ceará, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia and Brasilia.

The São Francisco river transposition project is played by the federal government and was restarted at the former president Lula administration.

According to the Ministry of National Integration, responsible for implementing, the work includes the construction of four tunnels, 14 aquedutos, nine pumping stations and 27 reservoirs. Since it was retaking, it has dragged on for eight years.

Besides recovery 23 existing dams in the region that will receive the waters of the São Francisco River.

The project is budgeted at R $ 8,2 billion, based on the current budget spreadsheet.

The government says the work will benefit an estimated population of 12 millons of citizens, in 390 municipalities in Pernambuco State, Ceará, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, where drought often occurs.

The Northeast Region has 28% of the population and only 3% Water Availability. The São Francisco River presents 70% all regional offer.

In October this year, according to the ministry, 81% the physical execution of the work was completed, and the Northern Axis with 82,2% and the East Axis with 79,2%.

The Union's Court of Auditors (TCU) He pointed between 2005 e 2013 irregularities amounting to R $ 734 million in the works of transposition, which includes contracts that have not been honored or have overprice, duplicate payment for works or payment for services that were not performed.


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