Accused of terrorism, physical UFRJ should leave Brazil

13/01/2016 14h50 - Updated 13/01/2016 14h50
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Sentenced in France to five years in prison for links to terrorist attacks, physical and current professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Adlene Hicheur, from 39 years, wants to leave Brazil.

In this Monday (11), he released a letter in which reports that despite having been arrested, in order to 2009, the French court failed to gather enough evidence against him and the conviction was unjust.

However, by a "matter of honor", as they reported their close friends to O Globo newspaper, Adlène want to leave the country before your visa is suspended.

In a letter to the Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF), Hicheur said his accusation was fabricated.

"I was arrested by the French police at the end of 2009 and the only justification of my arrest were my visits to so-called Islamic subversives websites. I was deprived of my freedom for two years only on that basis. No other element has been brought against me ", says.

The newspaper also says that physical, investigated by the Federal Police (PF), He did not say when or where to live, but the change will be brief.


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