Teenagers killed student 15 years are stuck in Manaus

Criminals killed lower after trying to steal the vehicle she was, no dia 16 July last year.
26/01/2016 10h11 - Updated 26/01/2016 10h11
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The staff of the 15th District Integrated Police (DIP), along with police stationed in the Specialized Police in Determination of Acts infractional (DEAAI), They seized on the morning of Sunday, day 24, two teenagers, from 17 e 14 years, involved in a robbery that had the victim Elaine Nascimento Cunha, which had 15 years. The incident occurred days 16 June 2015.

During a press conference on the morning of Monday, day 25, the General Police, the delegate holder of 15 DIP, Torquato Mozer, It reported that the duo was captured in the course of the operation Close, broke out in several districts of the northern area, between the days 22 e 24 Of this month, under the command of the Secretary of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM). The action, whose main aim, It was to combat urban violence, with the participation of different forces of the system.

Also according to the police, the teenager 17 years was located in Lauro Lead, Mount of Olives neighborhood, seizure already occurred in the other minor street N, Ray of the Sun community, New Town neighborhood, both located in the north of Manaus.

"With the information obtained during the investigation, we can meet the search warrant and seizure of these young people during the operation carried out on Sunday ", said Mozer.
The teenagers were sent to DEAAI, which held the applicable procedures.

As the delegate Torquato Mozer, no dia 16 June 2015, investigations show that the two teenagers participated in a robbery of a shop, located at Avenida Margarita, New Town neighborhood, North Zone. During the action, witnesses, they carried firearms and took several cell phones of victims and the amount of R $ 350,00.

After the theft to the local, second or delegate, the pair bolted toward the Street Wales, in the same neighborhood, which addressed four people, including the victim, who were in a vehicle model Goal, red-colored. In this ocasion, teens tried to steal the car and made a number of firearm shooting at the car, one of which reached Elaine. She died the same day of the incident.

Mozer said a garrison military police passing by the local, He went in pursuit of the young offenders, which they managed to take flight, leaving behind a backpack with ammunition caliber 20, intact. "They were both recognized by witnesses who were in the shop, by as they were in the car, during the attempted robbery ", said delegate.

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