Arthur Neto highlights interest of airlines in Manaus-Europe route

TAP continues to operate with flights from Manaus to Lisbon by mid-March this year.
29/01/2016 12h59 - Updated 29/01/2016 12h59
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In a telephone interview to a local radio station, on the morning of Friday, 29, Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto explained the actions developed by the task force set up in partnership with the State Government in an attempt to reverse the decision of the company TAP Airlines recently announced the end of Manaus-Lisbon flight. Next to that, Arthur emphasized the interest of other airlines in the capital of Amazonas.

The mayor, returning, this weekend to Manaus, after holiday authorized by the City Council, He said while acknowledging that TAP has taken a wrong decision, also recognizes that the company prioritized the economic feasibility of the action, since Bethlehem is closest to Portugal.

"The company's president himself, Fernando Pinto, gave us to understand that was outvoted in the decision and acknowledged that Manaus is more promising that Bethlehem, starting with the fact of being an Olympic City ", said Arthur Neto.

The good news, also according to the mayor, It is that Manaus-Europe niche has attracted the interest of other companies that can operate on new routes to Manaus-Madrid-Paris or Manaus, for example.

"One thing is right, we will be even more bold in continuing our mission to internationalize Manaus ", finished, stressing that negotiations to reverse the decision of TAP have not yet closed.

Among the strategies to be adopted to sell Manaus for Europe is the international dissemination of cultural and tourist activities that can attract tourists, like the Olympic Games themselves, the Ox of Parintins, Boi Manaus, New Year's Eve City and other characteristic events of the Region.

"The city has invested in major events, just to further accredit Manaus as an international tourist route, especially to arouse the interest of our neighbors in Europe. We will seek new partnerships to make real the dream of many Europeans know the Amazon ", said the CEO of the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), Bernardo Monteiro de Paula.

The delegation that went to Portugal was also made by the municipal secretary chief of staff, Marcio Noronha, and representatives of the State: Oreni Braga, president of the Amazonas State Tourism Agency (Amazonastur), and Thomaz Nogueira, Secretary of State Planning, Development, Science, Technology and inovation (SEPLAN-CTI).

For the president of the State Company of Amazonas Tourism (Amazonastur), Oreni Braga, the decision to withdraw the flight from Manaus was operational and unilateral. "Our meeting here was more to know the reasons for the withdrawal of flight, but we can also detect what was an effectively operating and unilateral decision. O presidente da TAP, Dr. Fernando Pinto, It has always been opposed to the withdrawal of flight. But there are new drives now with the restructuring of TAP to the United States. Flights were evaluated and all of them have changed, including Bogota and Panama. ultimately, There is still the possibility of returning the flight, but the medium term and being direct. Besides that, we will look for alternatives with other airlines ", said Oreni.

TAP continues to operate with flights from Manaus to Lisbon by mid-March this year. In this period, Amazonians representatives hope to attract new airlines to keep open the Manaus-Europe connection.

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