Singer Chris Brown is accused of assaulting in Brazilian party

The singer has been convicted of assaulting girlfriend Rihanna.
04/01/2016 12h30 - Updated 4/01/2016 12h30
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The American singer Chris Brown, who has been convicted of domestic violence against his girlfriend Rihanna, He was accused of further aggression by a Brazilian model Saturday. According to celebrity website TMZ information, Liziane Gutierrez said he had been punched in the Brown face after taking a picture of the musician during a private party at a Las Vegas hotel, US us. Brown denied the assault and called the Brazilian “crazy, ugly old”.

Segundo or TMZ, Liziane would have been able to hide his cell of party security guards and taken a Brown Photo, I would have realized the fact and reacted immediately with a punch to the right eye of the Brazilian. The site also displays a picture of the Brazilian's face with a small bruise on site. The staff of Chris Brown defended himself saying that history is “undeniably false”.

Brown also defended the Brazilian's claims – who last year became known in Brazil for chat and give your phone to British singer Rod Stewart on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. “Keeping my little circle of friends in 2016! And I'll be very rich after processing all these crazy people who still lying in my name. Happy New Year! It's time to grow some”, singer posted on her Instagram account.

Then, Brown made an outburst on the physical form of Liziane, but it must have repented, since deleted the message then. “She probably wanted to get into my room, but it is very ugly for it”, Brown said the deleted video from your Instagram, but still available at TMZ. In him, Brown recalls another shack involving Brazilian and American singer Jason Derulo, in August 2015.

In June 2009, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting pop star Rihanna, who suffered facial injuries and was forced to cancel his performance at the Grammy Awards that year. Brown was then sentenced to five years probation, to participate for a year of a domestic violence program and comply 180 days of community service.


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