Five foods you think are healthy, but they are not

Check the ingredients and read the food label will ensure you get it right when choosing.
17/01/2016 17h03 - Updated 17/01/2016 17h06
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An increasing number of people who care about quality of life, welfare, health and fitness. On the issue of food, there is a wide variety of foods that many people believe they are healthy and diet allies, but are they really?

The truth is that many of these seemingly innocent and full of health benefits food may have significant amounts of sugars, fat and sodium, that unlike "good guys", They are considered "bad guys" and sabotage the diet.

To help you when choosing, follows a list of foods most commonly used in diets and are considered healthy, but NOT:

1- cereal bar: Easy to carry in your purse, rich in fiber and provides satiety, so it is considered by many a good snack option. Attention! Many cereal bars marketed contain excess sugar, sodium, fats, preservatives and flavoring. When buying, read the label and keep an eye on the nutritional value of the product you want to buy.

2- Whole grain bread: As you read on the package that this food has already considered this whole grains healthy food. However, some rolls are produced with flour and refined sugar and also contains low amount of fibers. A good tip to hit at the time of purchase is to pay attention to the rhythm with nutritional value. The ingredient list is in descending order, the first ingredient has greater quantity and the last minor. Therefore, whole wheat flour should be the first ingredient list.

3- Turkey breast: It is widely used as an alternative to ham and ally considered to be a protein source with low fat, but has too much sodium. It does not stop there! It is a built-in food, industrialized and save this food industries use nitrites and nitrates, according to some studies, are carcinogens. Limit yourself to only use once a week and always prefer the fat cover version.

4- Integral breakfast cereal: It is a good option as an energy source because it is made from corn grain, however it is only! Just notice the sugar is left at the very end of the package to see that the food is not as healthy as well. Always prefer the cereals without sugar version and add fruit, this way you will make the most nutritious meal and taste the most delicious honey and cereal.

5- Alimentos Light e Diet: These foods are intended for obese or diabetic and for being a less caloric version with less fat, people think they can use and abuse of these products. Watch out! To preserve or flavor, manufacturers add sodium, besides being processed and full of preservatives. Read the label and time consuming, compare and do the math not to overdo it and consume more calories than the classic version.

Food can be for or against your health, do not be fooled! Check the ingredients and read the food label will ensure you get it right when choosing the healthiest foods.

It is worth investing a little extra time at the time of purchase and be aware of the product that will take home and eat. Remember if, you are what you eat!

Source: Barbarah Samissa / Nutritionist

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