Council of Economics Amazon gives possession the new board

Corecon operates in the record of economic viability of projects of companies seeking establishment in PIM.
21/01/2016 09h39 - Updated 29/01/2016 11h19
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The Regional Council of Amazonas Economy (Corecon / AM) He swore this month to economist and businessman Nelson Azevedo as the new president of the institution and the economist José Guilherme de Azevedo Fonseca as vice chairman. The election of new leaders was decided at the plenary first of the year at the headquarters of the entity and the mandate of the new management will be valid for the whole year 2016.

The new directors of the Board were elected with a commitment to defend the class of economists struggling for their rights and ensuring respect for the profession. Nelson Azevedo and José Guilherme also signed the agreement to supervise the profession combating the existence of unregistered professionals.

The Economist profession is regulated by Federal Law 1.411/1951. To be an economist, It is required to graduate in Economics, and be registered in one of the Regional Economic Councils.

Nelson Azevedo, which was twice vice president of Corecon-AM, thanked the trust of colleagues. "I am grateful to the board members who once again have entrusted the responsibility of managing one of the most important institutions of the Amazon and reaffirm the commitment to defend the class and continue to valuing the entity name", said the new president of Corecon-AM.

The new vice president of the Council, José Guilherme, He said it was gratifying to be part of the administration of an institution like the Council of Economy promised to be present in the discussions on the rights of economists and the situation of the economy, performing diagnosis and proposing solutions to overcome problems, especially the Amazon. "I hope that my presence can contribute and receive the full support of our class and society as a whole".

Also acting as vice president of Amazon Industries Federation (Fieam), Nelson Azevedo, He said the Economic Council will continue being a reference on matters of guidance of macro and micro economy and promised to expand the activities of the institution this year.

"Despite being a professional association, we are aware of the importance of Corecon-AM in the discussion of social and economic affairs of the state and capital. Therefore, we intend to expand the scope of this mission ", He assured the manager.

The Economic Council acts, mainly, in the registration of economic viability of projects of companies seeking deployment in the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM) and that, today, It has an agile and transparent process.

"We want to continue this process and invest in technological resources so there is more dynamism in the release of the proposed economic feasibility. Thereby, win society and the entire state as we will have more companies in the Industrial Pole ", Nelson Azevedo finished.

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