Crisis boarded the cruise Roberto Carlos makes shows

22/01/2016 16h19 - Updated 22/01/2016 16h19
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The financial crisis boarded the cruise Emotions in High Seas, Roberto Carlos is there 11 years: for 2017, the annual meeting with the singer's fans should be in a resort in the Northeast, which is already being negotiated. Probably in Praia do Forte, in Bahia, in February or April, Birthday Month “King”.

“When do we start, or dollar was R $ 1. Today is R $ 4 and forecast to increase. Last year here, the rate nearly doubled, why 70% of our operations are in dollars. We care about the Roberto fans. For the first time, the project will be on land, with the same concept: ‘all inclusive’ (with dining and leisure options included) e shows”, said the manager of singer, Dody Sirena.

“If you are not at sea, at least will be facing the sea”, Roberto completed, in an interview this Thursday, 21, on cruise.


O Costa Pacifica, ocean liner where the journey is being held, about 3.000 fans, He came out in the fourth, 20, Santos, crowded – a demonstration that financial difficulties have not shaken this edition of the project.

The difference to the previous was that tickets were sold out only now in January, when in past years this happened in August. For 2017, the fear is about the lack of ocean liners on the Brazilian coast and the deepening crisis.

“I think that, for the real fan, the crisis does not shake. People parcelam tenfold, but come”, said the retired curitibana Nara Gonçalves, from 65 years, who won the Christmas gift of children cruise.

“I'm crying so far”, said. The cheapest cabin for two people, internal, costs $ 8.896 (R$ 1.779,20 for each of the five daily). The most expensive, R$ 27.840 (R$ 5.568).

In the interview, the passage of the River Cruise, Roberto played down the crisis, attributing it to the global environment, and he took the opportunity to speak also of the Brazilian political scene. It was a surprise, since the gender reviews are rare in the more than 50 years of artistic career.

“The level of corruption is something shameful, You have to change in some way. Corruption must be punished. Who is doing poorly for Brazil can not continue.”

Roberto promised a CD of new songs, what is expected from 2003, to which he said have four compositions. The latest release with news was 2012, year of “I'm this guy” e “Furdúncio”.

“The priority is the unreleased disc, it makes me really miss. And also my biography. I think you should wait before buying any other”, joked the singer, who fought in court against his unauthorized biography. He also spoke of his perfectionism, that just delaying work.

“I do not give my records. I leave. And I try not to listen to later, because I always think I could have a serious here, an acute there.” Roberto also announced a CD in Spanish and one in Italian.

On the eve of 75 years, grace he did when asked about his love life and even sexual, saying he was single and using Whatsapp, Facebook e Viber.

“I'm single, but I have nothing against marriage. But nothing against singleness.” O “King” He told until now received nudes – photos without clothes -, but he cautioned that never had one to one.


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