Double killed regional coffee manager is stuck in Manaus

While a criminal slew the victim, the other stabbed.
22/01/2016 15h11 - Updated 22/01/2016 15h12
Photo: PC Release

The Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs) arrested on Wednesday, day 20, Leandro de Menezes Silva, 26 Nelson and Julian da Silva Ferreira, 27, involved in the murder Francinelma Santos da Silva, who was found dead on the morning of the last day 15 January in her home, located at Avenida Cosme Ferreira, Cologne district Antônio Aleixo, North of Manaus.

According to the holder delegate DEHS, Ivo Martins, Leandro was tenant of Francinelma, which had 29 years and was manager of a regional coffee, located in the neighborhood Colonia Antonio Aleixo. The victim rented a kitchenette to the offender, located in the grounds where she resided, in fact the local.

On the day of the crime, Nelson went to Leandro against him in the kitchenettes, where both consume alcohol. Then, they had planned to steal the belongings in the victim's home.

"The Francinelma came to a nightclub, por volta the 3h, with a friend, when Leandro came in the front of the house and the back door Nelson. The victim tried to resist, but it was approached and slain by Leandro, which made use of a knife. Nelson already struck several times against the head of Francinelma, who died on the spot ", said Ivo Martins.

The victim was found by her sister, the next day, at about 11 am on a bed in her bedroom residence. After collecting information, the team went on DEHS diligence demand of those involved.

The two were arrested on Wednesday, day 20. Leandro was captured around 10 am, at the bus terminal Lane Racket, Tancredo Neves, East Zone of Manaus and Nelson was arrested around 15h, Avenida Cosme Ferreira, near the entrance of the Great Victory neighborhood, Also in the east.

Also according to the police, Francinelma not suffered sexual violence. The dual has criminal. Leandro was on the run from the semi-open regime for murder, occurred in 2010, and he had an open arrest warrant. Nelson already served time for drug trafficking in 2014.

Nelson and Leandro were sued in the act of aggravated murder. The two men will be forwarded to the Public chain Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, where they will remain at the disposal of Justice.

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