During PM magazine, tunnel is found on Compaj

At least 300 inmates would use the tunnel to escape this weekend.
28/01/2016 17h57 - Updated 29/01/2016 11h23
Photo: disclosure

A tunnel over 2 meters high was found in the cell 8, from wing 1 pavilion 3 the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj) closed system, during a preventive magazine on the morning of Thursday (28) by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP). According to information from the Department of Penitentiary Intelligence (dipen), the detainees were intended to facilitate the escape of more than 300 people during the weekend.

The action was supported by the police command Specialized (CPE). Total, an effective 160 people, between the SEAP servers, military police and correctional officers in Umanizzare Prison Management participated in the magazine.

The Secretary of State for Prison Administration, Pedro Florencio, explained that the Dipen received information of a possible tunnel in Compaj and that the attitude of the internal wing 1 pavilion 3, raised suspicions that the tunnel was in one of the cells. "Earlier in the week the Umanizzare attempted to perform a thorough search in the pavilion 3 and internal created difficulties for the workers to enter, which gave us direction to search for the tunnel and with the help of military police was found in the last cell of the pavilion ".

Pedro Florencio also pointed out that in the pavilion where it was found the tunnel live 329 of 1.268 internal Compaj. Detainees who lived in the area where the tunnel was found were housed in other unit spaces. "We had information that the flight would take place this weekend, so we act fast. It was a whole work of SEAP which has sought to improve the prison system ".

According to the secretary of the SEAP, the site had not yet been used for lack of permission from the leaders of a criminal gang. "The tunnel would only be used now because the goal was to remove the new bosses for fear that there was a new operation of the Federal Police (PF)”.

The commander of the 1st Shock Battalion, major Cledemir Silvca, stressed that the military police (PM) It was activated to ensure the safety procedure. "We act to prevent the detainees would block the work of all. We act within the law and we succeed at work ", said.

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