In social network, actor of "Everybody Hates Chris" detonates Brazilian fans

He complained about the harassment of Brazilians “fill the spam it social networks”.
29/01/2016 13h22 - Updated 29/01/2016 13h22
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Two things you can be sure about Brazilian: we love the show Everybody Hates Chris and we are the nation's most buzzing the internet - not for nothing, the two met in a wonderful joke.

The problem is who is suffering with our play is actor Tyler James Williams, Chris the series itself. Do not understand anything? Good, Brazilian fans have the uncanny habit of commenting thousand times phrases television show in the photos of the famous Instagram.

And this kind of manifestation of love and affection happens in all the pictures of the actor in the social network - is cute, of course, but also a little boring. Then a fan, via Twitter, Tyler decided to ask about the "gotchas".

First, she asked if he was reading the comments on Instagram, and he answered: "More and watching them getting confused. I do not speak Portuguese, So…"

Brazilian fan, May call, then he decided to explain what was happening: she said that the show was very popular in Brazil and everyone still watch the show here - and that the young man was a legend for Brazilian. Tyler found amazing, but with a catch: "Wow, this is too much! You are amazing! But no need to fill me spam, neither? This is a little too ", commented.

But it's alright, people: or Chris - ops, Tyler! - it's still good people. At the end of the conversation, he commented that "It's time" to do an event in Brazil. Who knows us for flodar the timeline of the boy, neither?

Source: See São Paulo

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