“couriers” drugs are arrested by PC, In Manaus

The duo was arrested when he was about to make a delivery of drugs.
05/01/2016 14h31 - Updated 5/01/2016 14h31
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Police officers who work in the Department of Research on Narcotics (Denarc) arrested on the night of Monday, day 4, por volta the 19h, on public road, Avenida Rodrigo Otavio, Japiim neighborhood, South zone of the capital, Mateus Alves Lisbon, 18, and Saymon Lima de Vasconcelos, 32, for drug trafficking. The duo was arrested when he was about to make a delivery of drugs.

According to information provided by the director of Denarc, Delegate Samir Freire, during a press conference on the morning of Tuesday, day 5, at the headquarters of the general police station, the arrests came after an anonymous complaint made to the department, stating that offenders would make a drug delivery, in front of a mall, in the south.

"In bell to confirm the complaint, researchers saw two men, in suspicious attitude, the interior of a vehicle, Gol model, color graphite, NOO plate-9475. During approach to individuals and magazine inside the car, They were found two packages, approximately two kilos of marijuana type skunk ", said Samir, pointing out that the car had no restrictions and has also been seized.

As the police authority, Matthew and Saymon acted violently and threatened the local population. In consultation with the police system, it was found that the latter was arrested for murder, in 2007, by which already served time.

Also according to Freire, Saymon managed trade in narcotics in the city of Manaus in the André Alves command dos Santos, conhecido como "Arapapá”, dealer and a member of a criminal gang. Second or delegate, André was captured by police with drugs and money, no dia 7 from May of 2015, in a hotel, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He was a fugitive from justice and had been arrested by the Police Specialized in Prevention and Suppression of Narcotics (Understanding), in 2007.

Matthew and Saymon were sued in flagrante by drug trafficking offenses and association for trafficking. After the legal procedures, they will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Staff, which await the court's decision.

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