Full Time School in Manacapuru has scheduled opening for March

Manacapuru will be the fourth city in the Amazon to gain a Ceti.
25/01/2016 10h18 - Updated 25/01/2016 11h39
Photo: Nathalie Brazil / Secom

Elected priority model in education, the schools full time are expanding in the Amazon over 12 units being implemented by the State Government. During survey of a group of works in the areas of education, health and infrastructure in Manaus and the Metropolitan Region on Saturday, 23 from January, Governor José Melo scored for the month of March the opening of full-time school in Manacapuru, which has investments of over R $ 14,5 millions.

Manacapuru will be the fourth city in the Amazon to earn an Education Center Full Time (Ceti). Parintins, Iranduba and Carauari already have units in operation in the model. According to the governor, educational planning will give priority to schools in this model due to the good results obtained in the educational training.

"I am determined to date 14 March for the inauguration. Initially, it will work as a joint unit, just to meet the great demand here Manacapuru. It is very important to take this model into the State. The road allows doubling the coming of a large number of people to live here in Manacapuru and we are aware of it. The school full time so the children for the future. In addition to the compulsory subjects, It has the comprehensive training for youth with sport, leisure and culture. It is a school model that we pursue. Build new and transform existing schools for this style ", said the governor.

Across the Amazon, the network of schools with full-time account 55 schools. The numbers are from the State Department of Education (Seduc) and include schools in Ceti and standard units that have been adapted, renovated and expanded and now follow the model. of 12 Cetis under construction by Seduc, ten were located within. Two units of Manaus are scheduled to open this year. Manacapuru, Ceti with the 24 rooms will be capable of thousand students and will attend elementary school to high. A work is 88% completed.

During Saturday morning, the governor also followed the progress of the reform of the Service Center Special Needs (Caimi) Ada Rodrigues Vieira, in the neighborhood of Compensates, west of Manaus. The unit is undergoing a restructuring ceiling and gain new paint. During the visit, José Melo also authorized the works for revitalization of hydraulic and electrical systems of the unit that serves elderly. Last year alone, but of 48 thousand people had access to medical services in many areas from the unit.

José Melo was also the construction site of the University City of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), in Iranduba, and it was to verify in loco the situation of Manacapuru-Novo Airão road, it will be recovered by the Government, through the State Infrastructure Department (Seinfra). The governor toured the extensions of the boat-billed heron and Jatuarana, who will enter the paving schedule and recovery of the Amazonas government.

"Part of University City access is all ready, with four buildings in works. By God's will, we will achieve this year external financing to conclude in three years 100% do campus. The university is crucial looking to the future of our state”, said the governor.

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