disabled person's status takes effect and organs need to adapt

Law was passed last year and public and private entities tiveram180 days to suit.
05/01/2016 11h28 - Updated 5/01/2016 11h28
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More rights for people with disabilities and punish discriminatory acts are the Person Statute of goals with Disabilities, which came into force earlier this year. The proposal was processed during 15 years in Congress, It was sanctioned by Law 13.146/2015 in July last year, but only became effective now, after 180 days, as indicated by the text published in the Official Gazette (DOU), so that companies and public bodies could suit.

And known officially named as the Brazilian Law of Inclusion of People with Disabilities, legislation brings several advances. Among them a ban on the collection of additional values ​​in enrollment and private educational institutions of tuition and the end of the call fee, charged only students with disabilities - demand advocated by the entity representation of persons with disabilities. The penalty for noncompliance varies 2 a 5 years in prison, plus fine varies according to the infraction.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), there 45,6 million people with some form of disability in the country, or represents 23,9% of the Brazilian population. To provide inclusion and secure rights and benefits to those people, the law was instituted. The regulation must also ensure equality of opportunities, autonomy and accessibility to the public.

No last day 4 from January, President of the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), Paul Ziulkoski, He has warned the municipal managers (mayors and secretaries) to observe the provisions and obligation to develop public policies

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