Former director of BB marketing calls “more fruit” in the prison of Papuda

Pizzolato divided cell with advertising Ramon Hollerbach, also condemned the monthly allowance.
20/01/2016 14h52 - Updated 19/03/2016 12h47
Photo: Antonio Cruz / Brazil Agency

Attorneys of the Federal Public Ministry held Tuesday, 19, inspection at the Provisional Detention Center (CDP), in Papuda, in Brasilia, to check the conditions in which is serving former marketing director of the Bank of Brazil Henrique Pizzolato, convicted monthly allowance.

The mission is part of the commitment to Italy to monitor the execution of the sentence.

“The conditions were considered adequate, although Pizzolato has shown concern with healthier diet and any medical emergencies, noting the number of elderly prisoners in Ward Vulnerable”, reported the website of the Attorney General's Office.


inspection attended by the deputy secretary of the International Cooperation Department (SCI), Carlos Bruno Silva, the Attorney General of the Republic and External Control Board member of the Law Enforcement and Correctional Carlos Vilhena Coelho System, the Chamber's executive secretary, Marcelo Godoy, and the prosecutor of the Republic Michele Rangel de Barros.

They found the courtyard where prisoners sunbathing, the cells and even a new library that has worked for Pizzolato offer literacy classes to other prisoners.

Convicted in Criminal Action 470 (mensalão) a 12 years and seven months in prison for embezzlement, money laundering and accepting bribes, former marketing director of the Bank of Brazil was extradited from Italy in 23 October 2015.

Before your arrival, federal prosecutors conducted a detailed survey to make sure that health and safety conditions met the standards required for extradition and, after, He made the first inspection 10 from November, “concluding the respect for fundamental rights of prisoners”.

This is the second visit that prosecutors perform in Papuda to check the condition of Pizzolato.

In the visited ward are considered prisoners “vulnerable”, because they are elderly or at risk in other units of the prison. With various crimes profiles, They can not stay in place those convicted of drug trafficking and criminal association.

Pizzolato divided cell with advertising Ramon Hollerbach, also condemned the monthly allowance, and according to the Attorney General's Office “It has maintained a good relationship with the other prisoners”.

The members of the Federal Public Ministry did photos of the places visited in order to investigate a report that will be forwarded to the Italian Justice, showing the conditions to which it is subjected.

“The number of older people and considering that many have health problems, Pizzolato called for greater variety of fruits and healthier eating”, highlighted the Prosecutor site.

“When answering on health care, he reported that the situation is quiet, but there is concern for possible emergencies. About an earlier statement to have more religious assistance, Pizzolato said the prisoners have organized two weekly services between them and, the last visit of the month, families also participate, but it would be interesting that religious associations are voluntariassem to minister ceremonies.”

According to Attorney, Pizzolato “stressed that, though not his case, about ten prisoners without lawyers made and it would be interesting that they be provided legal assistance”.

The Federal Public Ministry will submit report on the visit to the authorities involved in criminal enforcement, including the Federal District Public Defender, for the necessary measures.


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