Outlaw prison system of Rondonia is stuck in Humaita

At the time of approach, the criminal tried to mislead the police with false name.
14/01/2016 13h17 - Updated 14/01/2016 13h20
Photo: PM disclosure

Military Police 4th Battalion Military Police (BPM) Humaita, distant city 590 km straight from Manaus, They recaptured on the evening of Wednesday (13), Alzeir de Oliveira Pereira, 26, Outlaw prison system in the State of Rondonia.

According to the information of the police garrison composed of the Cape of PM Macêdo and Soldiers PMs Ivan Mota, Anderson Alves and Cleiton Cruz, around 21:15 yesterday (13), during patrolling ostensible by Saint Dominic Savio neighborhood, to suspect the attitude of a man in the street made approach.

The suspect Alzeir de Oliveira Pereira, known as "Kiko" showed no document that would enable identification and gave a false name saying to call Anderson Bruno Oliveira. Trim to make contact with the security system he found that the man was a fugitive from justice Porto Velho (RO) from o dia 26 October 2015 where it is serving sentence for the crime of theft.

According to the police the fugitive said he was in town for one day looking for a job. It was conducted and presented To Humaita police station to the legal procedures of the local judicial authority.

PMAM PRODUCTIVITY: The Military Police took the opportunity to announce that the police actions taken in 2015, They resulted in the seizure of 1.227 firearms and 1.686,52 Kg drug; recovery 2.557 stolen vehicles or stolen; approach 1.282.963 people and 735.307 vehicles; approach and surveillance 11.324 bars and similar; and held 14 reintegrações posse.

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