Governor assures the MP-AM that the health sector will improve

Among the measures cited, is the change in the form of purchase of medicines.
15/01/2016 10h36 - Updated 15/01/2016 10h36
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This week, prosecutors Amazon met with the Governor , Jose Melo, the headquarters of the state government , to treat on the measures that the Government has taken to improve care in public health units of the state, in capital.

The MP-AM worked intensely over 2015, in order to supervise the service provided to the population in health.

Attended the meeting of the Justice Attorney General, by legal substitution, Pedro Bezerra Filho, the Attorney General for Administrative Affairs, Jefferson Neves de Carvalho, the Promoters of Justice Claudia House and Delisa Olivia, the Procurator of the Republic Bruna Menezes Gomes da Silva , the Secretary of State for Health, Peter Elias and the State Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo.

During the meeting, Governor presented the Fellowship some actions that were taken to make the care more efficient public.

Among the measures cited, is the change in the form of purchase of medicines. For many city PSCs, the government will buy the products from one state provider of Goias, which should generate savings and fast delivery of applications for hospitals. Susam is also reviewing contracts with cooperatives of doctors and nurses in the sense of format providing the service to better serve the people.

The Governor Jose Melo admitted facing difficulties because the Amazon lost about R $ 2.2 billion in revenue last year, even so, other measures deemed emergency are already underway. "We're putting two linear accelerators in Cecon Foundation, we will build a new building to expand the plant's capacity and social organization will administer the Foundation to have a better resolution, Besides that, we're ushering in March the hospital in north, which will have more than 300 beds, but of 30 UTI's, 11 surgical centers. There will be a refit network, all this will give greater efficiency to the network, Despite the crisis, what, in my view, It will be more acute than it was last year ", said Governor.

For Dr. Pedro Bezerra Filho, the meeting was positive because the Governor is making available to solve, or, at least reduce the difficulties that occur in health. "We realized that there is willingness on the part of the executive to try to alleviate these problems all, some actions taken result, the medium and long term, improving the system ", highlighted.

For the Prosecutor Claudia House, specifically works in public health, the meeting was fruitful because the Government waved his will and interest in resolving issues affecting hospitals and patient care in the Capital. "The prosecution will continue to follow the development of actions to restructure the health", He stressed the Promotora.

Source: MP-AM

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