Jennifer Lawrence gets angry with reporter after Golden Globes

12/01/2016 09h16 - Updated 12/01/2016 09h16

Even after winning the third career Golden Globe, Jennifer Lawrence actress did not seem to be in the best of moods during the press conference he gave to journalists after the ceremony. A American, who took the trophy for best actress in a comedy or musical film for acting in Joy: Success Name, He showed a little-known side of the public and did not spare rude to a reporter who tried to ask a question to it.

As soon as the journalist started talking, he was promptly interrupted by actress, We did not like the fact that he was, apparently, looking at the phone screen while making the question. “You can not live your life behind your cell. You can not do that, you have to live in the moment”, shot actress, gesticulating and showing that she would like him to look directly at her. After an apology, the journalist tried to continue the question, about how she saw herself for Oscar night, and it was again cut by the interviewee. “We are at the Golden Globes. If you let go your mobile, you know that”, said face of few friends.

He raised the possibility of the journalist not to be American, because of the accent he has, which would justify the need to use the phone to, for example, read the question what he would do to actress. Although the situation has booted laughter among those who were in the room where the interview took place, the public reaction on Twitter was quite different. Many defended the reporter and criticized the coarseness of actress. “Jennifer Lawrence was terrible.

English was not the native tongue and he needed the phone to read the question”, wrote a user on the social network. “I love Jennifer, but she needs to apologize” e “She wants to be the darling of the United States, but do it on stage. Disrespect she had with a foreign reporter showed a huge lack of class”, were some other tweets on the case.


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