Lan accredited houses provide free access for inclusion in the Bolsa Languages

Are at least 23 scattered the four areas of the city.
29/01/2016 14h02 - Updated 29/01/2016 14h02
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Students interested in participating in the tender 2016 Bolsa Languages (PBI), Manaus Prefecture, can access the internet for free at, at least, 23 internet cafes and cyber cafes scattered in all parts of the city. The establishments were accredited by the Municipal Public Service School and Inclusion socioeducational (Espi) in order to facilitate the adhesion of low-income students to the program. Thus, applicants will have to pay only the printing of the forms regarding registration, but not by the time of access to computers.

The accreditation of access points was signed early last year between the Municipality and the Digital Inclusion Centers Amazon Association (AACID), which it represents about 50 establishments in Manaus. The partnership also applies to the registration procedures of the Bolsa Graduate (PBPG) and Exchange University (PBI).

"This is a way to ensure that the entire population, with or without regular access to the internet, has all the conditions to make your enrollment in the program. In the case of commitment term, no liens or application of public funds and cybercafes get return by printing forms, that must be paid by the applicant ", explains the coordinator of the Language Exchange, Andreia Brazil.

A complete list, with updated addresses of the establishments accredited, It can be accessed and downloaded from the new portal Espi, in the area of ​​Language Exchange Program services. registrations, that continue until 23:59 the day 14 of February (Sunday), They must be made exclusively on the internet, on the website of Espi. After accessing the main page, the candidate can access the service area of ​​Bolsa Languages ( and click on the "Portal Candidate".

In the northern zone of Manaus, there are seven access points: Brother’s Cyber (New Town neighborhood), Cyber 1 (New city 1), Cyber II (Alfredo Nascimento), LS Cyber Café 2 (New city 5), Services Cyber (Mount of Olives), Globalnet Solutions and Entertainment - Units 1 e 2 (New city 1).

In the south, are three schools: Adrenalin Cyber ​​Café (Petropolis), Cyber Café Pitbull (San Francisco) e Mr. Service (Center).

The largest number of units for free is in the east, nine establishments: Cios Cyber 1 (Armando Mendes), Lan Connect (Great victory), Magnatha’ (Jorge Teixeira 1), N-Tech (units Tancredo Neves, God's city, Braga Mendes and Jorge Teixeira), Tribes Lan House (Jorge Teixeira) e Mini Cyber (Jorge Teixeira 2).

Completa a lista de lan houses, the West Region: Atlantis Lan House 4 (compensates 1), Geek Cyber Café (compensates 2), LS Cyber Café 1 Cyber ​​e Lan Meghattron (both in New Hope).

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