Number of normal deliveries grows in Maternity Moura Tapajós

Index surpassed the target set for the year, which was 55%.
19/01/2016 14h38 - Updated 19/03/2016 13h02
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Awareness, awareness and encourage clinical staff of the Maternity Moura Tapajoz (MMT), in the city's West Side, It resulted in an index 69% of normal deliveries, in December last year. A number that surpassed the target set for the year, which was 55%, and it is the result of several actions implemented by the Manaus City Hall.

Among the guidelines adopted by motherhood, which is part of the Municipal Department of Health structure (Sems), is the definition of protocols to be followed by obstetrician-gynecologists, use of manuals of the Ministry of Health and the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, conducting refresher courses and improvement of all professionals.

"We instituted the mandatory inclusion, in the records of the patients, Free and Informed Consent and the opening of Partograph, which is the graphical representation of the evolution of labor, beyond the awareness of all the professionals of the benefits of vaginal delivery ", He explained the director of the unit, Dr. Geraldo Felipe Barbosa.

Besides that, also introduced the Discussion of Clinical Cases and Conducts analysis adopted by sampling. The World Health Organization has as ideal ratios to be achieved, in low and medium complexity hospitals, between 15 a 16% cesarean. The difficulties in achieving these recommendations, currently, They are related to factors such as age of the patient - whose ends represent a higher rate of complications, quality of prenatal care - including the detected comorbidities and the late start of the same, in addition to the pre-conceptional pipelines.
"An unwanted pregnancy and planned, for example, creates a more favorable field, in the pregnant woman's awareness, family and the entire interdisciplinary team, the importance of birth for natural / normal way ", reinforced Barbosa.

The municipal secretary of Health, Homero de Miranda Neto Lion, said that currently 55% of births in Brazil are Caesareans, according to Ministry of Health data. O index, which is 40% in Health System (THEIR), reaches 84% in private schools. "In Moura Tapajoz adopt measures to encourage the achievement of normal deliveries and reduce the high rate of unnecessary cesarean sections. They earn mothers and babies ", scored.

Advantages of normal birth

Or normal delivery, as already the name suggests, is the natural way of birth. Among the advantages are the reduction of risks that every surgical procedure could bring as infections, not aesthetic scars, pelvic adhesions, viscera injuries, endometriotic spread, and the withdrawal of immature fetus.

The birth vaginally brings advantages for both the mother and the newborn. The mother releases faster compounds breastmilk, contributing to the success of breastfeeding. Has, also, faster recovery, may return to routine activities. But the newborn goes through a better process of adaptation to extrauterine life during labor. Recent studies point, still, the reduction of cases of asthma in children born by this mode of delivery.

In Maternity Moura Tapajoz are binding visits, weekly scheduled. patients, that are forwarded by Health Units, They make a tutorial visit to the sectors. Before, participate in workshops that provide guidance on posture during labor, reproductive rights, norms and behavior for the duration of hospitalization, vision and mission that guide the actions of MMT, care protocols and care of newborns.

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