Zealots operation: Lula gives evidence to the PF

Is suspected of selling provisional measures in his government.
07/01/2016 10h29 - Updated 7/01/2016 10h30
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva testified to the federal police on Wednesday (6), in Brasilia, on suspicion of sale of provisional measures in his government. According to the press office of former president, he provided information to the delegated Marlon Staff “working, as it always does, to clarify the truth”. Initially, testimony was scheduled for the day 17 from December, but was postponed to today.

According to a statement released by the Lula Institute, the PT “clarified today (6/01) the Federal Police that the Provisional Measures 471/2009 e 512/2010 They were issued in his government to promote development in the North, Northeast and Midwest, without favoring any sector”. “A MP 471/2009 extended, from 2010 up until 2015, tax incentives provided 1997 e 1999 the automotive and auto parts industries located in the North, Northeast and Midwest of the country and was unanimously approved in Congress. A MP 512/2010 extended incentives for new projects in these industries, with demand for new investments in technology and innovation”, the statement said.

The PT argued that the two MPs have generated thousands of jobs and that they were the result of “claims and dialogue with political leaders, governors, trade unionists and businessmen”. The advice of the former president said that when Congress added parliamentary amendment to the MP 627 on taxation of overseas companies, in 2013, Lula was no longer president.

The office of the President notes that Lula “It is not investigated or even a witness in the investigation”. Luís Cláudio already Lula da Silva, his youngest son, It is being investigated on suspicion of receiving R $ 2,5 million of the lobbyists investigated the purchase of MPs. Another target of the operation is the former minister Gilberto Carvalho. Both deny having participated in irregularities.

Lula should return to give evidence to the PF until the end of the month as a lobbyist's defense witness Alexandre Paes dos Santos, prisoner and reported no scheme. Lula's subpoena and more 11 people in the case was approved this week by the judge of the 10th Federal Court in Brasilia, leading to prosecution of the case. This Wednesday, lobbyist, known as APS, He had denied request for release made to the Supreme Court.

Researchers Operation Zealot broke up a scheme in which directors and former directors acted in collusion to cancel or reduce fines imposed on companies by paying bribes. Estimates are that the business desk installed in the entity may have generated a leak of up to 19 billion reais to the Treasury.

According to the research group of Zealots, in addition to the scheme to rid billionaire fines imposed by tax authorities, businessmen and lobbyists also acted to influence government policies exemption from the “purchase” an interim measure in Congress.

Source: Veja.com

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