Mindu Park hosts Animal Exercise and Environmental Education Workshop

Gymnastics is inspired by the movements made by animals.
06/01/2016 11h34 - Updated 6/01/2016 11h34
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Imagine working body and mind imitating animal movements. This is the proposal of the Workshop Gymnastics Animal and Environmental Education will be offered the next day 10/01, no Parque Municipal do Mindu, a partir das 8h, by physics professor and ecologist education Luiz Felipe Ferreira da Silva. The workshop will be free and will have two hours.

Anyone who wants to participate is only come and go to the Square of Peace, where the class will take place. Gymnastics is inspired by the movements made by animals and can be practiced at different levels of intensity, with results similar to any traditional physical activity, as explained Luiz Felipe. According to him, the proposal of the workshop is to introduce the sport and promote an awareness lecture on selective collection and the different forms of waste reuse.

According to the instructor, the Mindu Park is a suitable place to practice exercises because of the closeness to nature. At least 84 movements of different animals can be used during the workshop. For animal Fitness, the proximity to the fauna and flora makes the practice even more interesting by providing integration man / nature.
"At the same time it helps burn calories, relieves stress, improved flexibility and balance, It strengthens muscles and increases memory capacity ", explains Luiz Felipe. The exercises can be practiced indoors, but the ideal is that the exercise is done in an outdoor environment.

Another strong point is the ability to adapt to exercise the mood of the day. If the goal is to relax, imitates something like a sloth. But, if the goal is to vent the energy, the most suitable is a dynamic beast like a jaguar or an ostrich.

Other animals that may have imitated movements like komodo dragon, gorilla, crab, duck, among others. According to experts, animal exercise can be practiced daily, but the ideal is that the movements are done at least twice a week. The exercises are very well used by practitioners of martial arts. The teacher explains that the intention is to offer regular classes in several other parts of the city.

In addition to the gym, Luiz Felipe hold lecture on proper disposal of solid waste, with workshops on making compost with car tires, trash made with plastic bottle, worm farm and vegetable garden planting. He plans to recruit people to participate in a selective collection project, in order to make the population has more knowledge and interaction with the environment and sustainability.

not Sunday, 10, activities start at 8 am, with lectures on Gymnastics Animal and Introduction to Environmental Education. at 9 am, workshop on selective collection and at 9:30 am, class animal gym. At end, It will be offered a "barbecue" fruit.

The manager of Mindu Park, José Feitoza, It explains that conservation unit has established itself as a reference for fans of sports practices outdoor aimed at physical and health welfare. In 2015, the park received about 40 thousand visitors, the vast majority of hikers, yoga practitioners and physical activities in contact with nature.

"In 2016, we hope to further enhance the environmental activities in the park, waiting for the company to make use even more of the conservation unit is for contemplative activities, academic, sports and health, thereby making the ecological services provided by the park are increasingly widespread ", he said.

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