Period for transfer of teaching students from public schools will be 11 a 15 Of this month

Total, will be 719 points to effect the transfer.
05/01/2016 13h04 - Updated 5/01/2016 13h04
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The transfer period of the students of the public school system will be 11 a 15 from January. Interested parties may seek the 719 payphones in educational units, provided by the Municipal Departments of Education (semed) and State of Education (Seduc). The other option is to request the transfer through the site

To make life easier for parents and students responsible for the municipal, the Semed automatically reordered students from schools without continuity of teaching 2015 for 2016 to other nearby units, that is, obeying a distance of one kilometer of their homes. The Semed stressed, still, that even the automatic reordering being, parents need to go to school to confirm registration.

Any student may request their transfer, By changing neighborhood, by reordering dissatisfaction center / school or in the case of new registration. When ordering, It must bring proof of enrollment to effect the transfer.

Enrollment Manager and Network Data Semed, Darlene Liberato, warned parents and guardians of the children that the school change should be made only when there is certainty of the procedure.

"We have to point out to parents that the transfer should be made only in case of change of address, because sometimes, responsible takes the student to a school that is studying and used, to another unit (different neighborhood) and can not find job. Thereby, the student is not studying in any corner. The transfer must be well thought out. Parents should also respect the social part of the child, which is already used in the school in which studies ", He noted.

Darlene highlighted, still, that if parents want to change the municipal school student to another that has the same type of education, the change may only be performed if the family has changed neighborhood. “It is a period that has a large movement of students who studied and finished the school year 2015 and it is done before answering new students network ", he explained, to remember that students only go to school you want to study when you are in the hands with the appointment letter.

Other information may be obtained in the Semed Enrollment Management, located in Semed headquarters, Ten in Park neighborhood, Centro-Sul, or by phone 3632-2108 and email address [email protected]

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