integrated tactical plan to ensure security during the relay of the Olympic Torch, In Manaus

The event will take place on 19 e 20 of June.
22/01/2016 16h25 - Updated 22/01/2016 16h26
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An integrated tactical security plan has been prepared for the Olympic Torch Relay in Manaus, which will take place on 19 e 20 of June, and involves about 30 federal agencies, state and municipal. The information was given by the Deputy Executive Secretary of Planning and Management Integrated Security, the Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP-AM), Colonel Dan Hall, during technical meeting to define the details of the event that took place on the morning of Friday, 22 from January, the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), the Aleixo neighborhood, area on. The meeting included representatives of the State, Manaus City Hall and Organizing Committee of the Rio Games 2016.

"From the definitions agreed at this meeting, we will apply the appropriate policing model to ensure a healthy and safe event for the population. All Paths, stops and shifts the torch are being mapped to employ the security features in all these environments ", said Col. Dan Hall.

Among the organs of the tactical plan are the military and civil police of the Amazon, Federal police, Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what), Armed forces, Fire Department, Amazonas State Traffic Department (DMV-AM), State and Municipal Health Secretariats (Sesame s Danny), Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans) and Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU).

The Olympic Torch will arrive in Manaus on 19 June and will be until the day 20. On the first day, the icon will cover about 32 kilometers and pass through the main streets and sights of the city, as Arena da Amazônia, Teatro Amazonas and Rio Negro Bridge, ending with a big celebration on the beach of Ponta Negra. The next day, special operations will be carried out where the flame will be transported, waterway and air, by indigenous and riverine communities, with the forecast also pass by the municipalities of Iranduba, Rio Preto da Eva and Presidente Figueiredo.

According to the regional manager of the Olympic Torch Relay, Jennifer Oliveira, near 180 people will drive the symbol of the Olympic Games and each will travel 200 meters. "We are in a stage of analysis of the names and documentation and, in February, we will release. Each successful applicant will receive an email stating that he was selected to carry the torch ", he explained.

The state coordinator of the Committee Soccer Tournament Organizer Olympic Manaus 2016, Mário Aufiero, He said that the State Government and the Manaus City Hall are committed to providing a unique experience for the population. "During the torch relay, we want to enhance the natural beauty of our region and traditional peoples of the Amazon, allowing enough surprises and celebrations to involve everyone in the Olympic spirit ", said.

Workshop - On Saturday (16) a workshop was held to discuss the Olympic torch relay in Manaus. In this ocasion, Colonel Mario Sergio, PM of Rio de Janeiro, which is responsible for security operation aimed at the main symbol of the Olympic Games, He gave a lecture in which participants had more information about the operation involved, since the arrival of the torch in Manaus until the moment it leaves the capital of Amazonas.

Since Thursday (14) authorities and representatives of various Government bodies Amazon, Manaus Prefecture, Olympic Tournament Organizing Committee of Soccer Manaus 2016, Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Rio 2016, and representatives of the Armed Forces, They gathered in the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), where they were presented the integrated security projects that will ensure peace in the days of football matches, visit the Olympic Torch, among other places of concentration of people.

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