TJAM President joins the campaign that seeks to revitalize the old building of the Law School

The movement “Save the Old Jaqueira” Stroke is formed by graduating.
29/01/2016 14h41 - Updated 29/01/2016 14h41
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The president of Amazon Court (TJAM), chief judge Graça Figueiredo, She received on the morning of Friday, day 29, in his office, the movement of the commission “Save the Old Jaqueira”, which seeks to revitalize the old building of the Law School of the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), located in the square of Remedies, Center.

At the initiative, captained by law school graduates of Ufam Julio Antonio Lopes, Raimundo Bridges Son and Cassius Clei Aguiar, also seeks public support bodies and support for the campaign to have a great visibility to the whole society.

“Children Jaqueira”, as they are called the law school graduates who have studied in that unit, a federal judge president had the opportunity, during the meeting, to remember historical facts and declared its full support to the movement. “A space like that can not suffer from the lack of care. Important personalities have gone through that building that is part of the history of our city and so, deserves careful and urgent revitalization”, stated.

Committee member, the lawyer Julio Antonio Lopes explained that the creation of the campaign came from the time when he came upon the external and internal conditions of the building. “This is something that has been going on at a certain time and understood that something needed to be done constructively. I often say that this movement is collaborative, participating, constructive, a real power of good”, said.

he said, still, who has had the opportunity to be with the director of the law school Ufam, Professor Sebastian Marcelice, and we were greeted with much enthusiasm. “We learned that the dean of Ufam, Professor Marcia Perales, created in August 2015 a committee to take care of this problem. Along with this, also we learned that there is already a process with the Historical Heritage Institute for National Artistic (Iphan) revitalization, But until then, the building needs urgent reform, because the situation could worsen. So we are asking for help from the people so distinguished and that are 'children of Jaqueira'”.

Until now, the movement “Save the Old Jaqueira” It has the support of the Amazon History and Geography Institute (sowing), Attorney General's Office (MPF), School of Law Ufam, the Regional Labor Court (TRT-AM) and TJAM.

Bruno Mazieri/TJAM

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