Project prohibits the retention of stretchers Samu

Proposal was submitted by councilman who caught stretchers Samu held in a hospital in the eastern zone.
27/01/2016 10h41 - Updated 27/01/2016 10h46
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Last year, ambulances of the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) They were standing in front of a large hospital, Eastern zone of Manaus, While, who linked the demand for customer service spent hours out in the cold, as vehicles were no stretchers. Outraged by this situation, It was presented by Councilman Marcelo Serafim (PSB), the Director Board of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), the n˚ Bill 112/2015 which provides for the prohibition of retention of litters of ambulances Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) and other emergency mobile units and Emergency Municipal Hospital Network and provides for the establishment of technical reserves of these units stretchers hospital network.

"Our intention is to end the delays in the release of litters for Samu and, consequently, with the delay in treatment for those who need the service, Why it does not seem reasonable that such services undergo too much waiting for the availability of stretchers, The aim of this project is precisely ensure fast availability of stretchers in Samu ambulance. ", He justified the parliamentary.

new litters

At Alderman bringing the hospital network is required to provide in their new facilities similar to stretchers used by Samu, to, to prevent ambulances are forced to wait for the release of litters for long time. I am in the health field and was outraged by the indifference, not only I, but the whole society ", said Marcelo Serafim. The bill is now in the 6th Health Committee of the Legislature.

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