Ricky Martin displays summer project in swimsuit photo

05/01/2016 10h57 - Updated 5/01/2016 10h57
Photo: Playback / Twitter / SEE

Who needs encouragement to put into practice the New Year's resolution, one to practice more physical exercises, You may have found your new “muzzle” inspiration. Singer Ricky Martin began the first week of the year displaying on social networks the sculpted body, dressed only in a small swimming trunks. “Good Morning, folks. Come on.

Stand up. Workout time”, He wrote the singer in the photo caption, accompanied by hashtags #2016 e #goals (English goals).

The singer's image 44 years replicated in social networks and stamped several international news sites during the morning of Tuesday. “A good way to start the day”, wrote a Twitter user. “I already liked Ricky Martin, now I love”, says another.

Source: Veja.com

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