High Risk Baby tracking is prepared to suspected cases of Zika virus

A flow chart was established to standardize care in health facilities in the capital.
25/01/2016 11h26 - Updated 25/01/2016 11h26
Photo: Manaus Prefecture

pediatricians, nurses and directors of Outpatient Monitoring of High Risk Baby, maintained by the Municipal Health (Sems), They were trained to meet suspected cases of Zika virus, detected during prenatal. A flow chart was established to standardize care in nine units available in Manaus.

If the case is notified in a Basic Health Unit (UBS), hospital, maternity, first aid or foundation, the pregnant woman is brought to an Obstetric Reference Unit for pre-scheduled appointment and laboratory tests and ultrasound. If yes to microcephaly, prenatal continues at High Risk Baby Follow-up Clinic, from 32 weeks.

The laboratory is a requirement of the Ministry of Health that all states make available the following high-risk baby. There are prioritized for the newborn surveillance at high risk or who has undergone any treatment in the maternity ward; children under five years, with conditions that require close monitoring or at nutritional risk / undernourished, asthma and other diseases like jaundice and congenital syphilis; the pregnant woman; and postpartum women.

"Generally, every woman who did not leave the hospital within 24 / 48h and was treated for whatever reason, It should be referred to the Follow-up Clinic. After solved the demands, he will be accompanied at UBS closer to home ", He explained the Health Center of the Head of Children and Adolescents, Ivone Marques Amazon Abolnik, emphasizing that screening is still held in maternity.

pediatric and nursing consultations, routing and scheduling consultations and specialized tests, priority, are some of the services offered in clinics, that carry six to 18 queries per month, the nine units available. Are two in the east – the UBS Amazon Palhano and Geraldo Magela -; three in the north – UBS Armando Mendes, Augean Gadelha and Sálvio Belota -; two in West Region – UBS Deodato Miranda Lion and Leonor de Freitas -; and two in the south – UBS San Francisco and Lourenço Borghi.

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