According to Amazon the Court's report, 22 counties has not judge holder

of 55 magistrates acting within, many are on leave to take courses, in treating health or vacation.
18/01/2016 13h38 - Updated 19/01/2016 09h44
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The 78 rods installed inside the Amazon, only 55 They are provided with judge. The figure was revealed in the report on the status of existing Counties in the State. The 62 existing districts, 22 are vacant judge without holder. The president of Amazon Court (TJAM), chief judge Graça Figueiredo, It draws attention to the number that worries his administration and said that a new tender to judge must be done urgently to address this gap.

- This survey concludes that the 78 power, We have met only 55 power, but due to various circumstances, as the granting of vacation, sick leave and shift to participation courses outside the state, the gap becomes larger - admits Graça Figueiredo.

Or document notes, still, that two 55 magistrates acting within the Amazon, with various situations, It is to highlight the case of Rene Gomes da Silva Junior judge (Silves region) in constant use of sick leave, but since November 2015 It is absent from the Comarca no reason to justify their lack, with established procedure in the internal affairs of TJAM.

Also in the month of January 2016, They were granted ten requests for leave to judges, although other orders exist, some were rejected for exceeding the number of 30% Magistrates in active, according to Resolution No. 9/2014, which governs the granting of vacation judges.

Therefore, only in January, “we realize that we are 39 uninterruptedly acting magistrates, which achieves 50% of vacancies in the 1st indentation of Amazonas Justice. For the month of February 2016, We have been granted nine vacation requests for the 1st indentation of judges and career substitutes and, if there are no other medical complications license, let remain only 55% magistrates on active duty in the respective month”.

Because of the distances between the seats of counties, required the appointment of judges to distant sites cumularem their duties counties vacancies, the example of Maués judge who accumulates with Pauini; of Uarini that accumulates with Itamarati; Good source that accumulates with Envira; Alvarães that accumulates with Jutaí; Humaita that accumulates with Boca do Acre and Careiro Brown that accumulates with Labrea; Boa Vista do Ramos accumulating Itapiranga.

Besides that, the magistrate of Novo Aripuana is accumulating the region of Apuí and the Humaita is accumulating with Canutama and the 1st Special Court of Humaita. It is also worth noting that several judges have expressed the intention not to cumulate functions.


The document also addresses the public tender for new judges. Or document states that “although the competition has been triggered, the deadlines for completion and forecast possession of competitors will take place in February 2017, if there are no any unforeseen during the course of the event”.

It should be noted, by appropriate, which are various manifestations of authorities and citizens requesting the president to appoint judges to the counties vacancies, and calling for the replacement of judges already appointed, according, inclusive, documents already received by the presidency and submitted to Magistrate.

The president of TJAM concerned about the situation of the regions of the Interior, steps up efforts to the claimants is not hampered by a lack of physical presence of the judge in the effective administration of justice and, mainly, in assisting the provincial community, as it was emphasized by Laurita Vaz, when he spoke to Amazon judges.

Check out the regions of the Amazon without judge holder

Amaturá, Apuí, Autazes, Barcelos, Boca do Acre, Canutama, Coari (2ª Be), Eirunepé, Envira
Ipixuna, Itamarati, Itapiranga, Japurá, Jutaí, Labrea, Nhamundá, Pauini, Santa Izabel
São Paulo de Olivença, Tabatinga (1ª Be) e Tapauá.

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