Sense only in Alvorada neighborhood streets comes into force

The changes are in the Odilia streets (old 7) and Criciuma (old 8).
30/01/2016 09h36 - Updated 30/01/2016 09h36
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The transformation of vehicles for one-way streets in the Odilia (old 7) and Criciuma (old 8), I Alvorada neighborhood, Central-West, It took effect from this Friday, 29. The area received the implementation of horizontal and vertical signs, with plates, White solid lines, edge lines, crosswalks and retaining bands.

With the changes, vehicle traffic in the Odilia street was in one way from the "K" Avenue to the "B", while the sense of Cricklewood Street movement was in one-Avenue F toward Avenue K. Traffic the other way, including the cross, remains unchanged.

The social worker Jane Menezes Relief, 56, member of the first family to live in Alvorada, there is 40 years, changes improve the flow of vehicles in the place. "The street 8 It is very close after Bradesco, which it was one way. This is really good. We need more initiatives like this, to improve more and more traffic in our neighborhood ", He stressed.

Agents of the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans) It keeps teams on site to guide residents and drivers passing in the area, in addition to the enforcement of traffic laws.

The changes made by the Manaus City Hall aim to reorder the traffic in the area, besides ensuring good traffic conditions for vehicles and pedestrians.

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