Technology shows whether municipal guards are safety parks

Technology was acquired by Manaus Prefecture to ensure safety in parks and protected areas.
27/01/2016 10h53 - Updated 27/01/2016 10h55
MANAUS/AM - 27/01/2016 Installing a digital verification system rounds. (Photo: Advisory / Military Office of Manaus Prefecture)

Urban parks and protected areas managed by the Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas), They are gaining enhanced security, the installation of a digital verification system rounds, formed by sticks and coded magnetic switches installed at various points of each street. Easy handling, it makes the digital reading with the information about the day and time when the rounds are made. Each stick comes with six round checkpoints.

The system was purchased by the Military and is being implemented by the Metropolitan Civil Guard. Three of the units managed by Semmas already have the system: Municipal Park Billiards Bridge (11 points), Parque Municipal do Mindu (six) and the Municipal Park Pond Senator Arthur Virgilio Son (six).

System installation meets a request made by the Secretary of Semmas, Itamar de Oliveira Mar, the municipal secretary of the Military, Colonel Fernando Farias. The goal is to improve the rounds and ensure the presence of the Municipal Guards throughout the parks in the prevention and the preservation of heritage and regulars.

The director of the Municipal Guard, Diego Coelho, He explains that magnetic buttons were installed at sensitive points indicated by a survey conducted by Semmas, in partnership with the Military. The survey pointed out places that demand a greater presence of the Guard, example goers concentration areas and also areas less crowded.

"The goal is to ensure security in these areas and help to round the Municipal Guard", He explained Diego Coelho. According to him, until the end of February the system will also be installed in Ponta Negra, Senior Park and the Galleries Holy Spirit and Remedies.

Municipal guards who work in these areas are receiving training on the operation of the system. Training is conducted by special operations manager of the Municipal Guard, Julian Florencio da Costa. "The instruction on the use of the equipment is part of the system implementation process, with rounds made as needed and schedule established in partnership with the managers of the units ", he said, noting that the effective presence of the Guard is a safety factor to more goers of the city's public parks.

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