40% microcephaly cases are related to zika, says minister

The rest would be associated with other causes, as genetic diseases or infections.
19/02/2016 16h47 - Updated 19/02/2016 16h47
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Health Minister, Marcelo Castro, believe that 40% of microcephaly notifications in the country are related to zika. The rest would be associated with other causes – as genetic diseases or infections cytomegalovirus, herpes or toxoplasmosis.

The evaluation was made one day after the controversy surrounding the change in the epidemiological report format, that does not bring more tests numbers have laboratory confirmed infection zika. In the previous newsletter, with data until the day 6, the Ministry of Health had reported 41 cases of babies who test confirmed the presence of the virus.

The number was considered low by the government and, a determination by the Minister, It came to be omitted. The change caused unease within the folder. Part two technical, who advocated the release of the numbers, It considered the omission as a strategy to inflate the numbers and strengthen the arguments for passing the CPMF Congress to fund Health.

low estimate
Castro reaffirmed, last Thursday, I am convinced that the number of cases of microcephaly related zika is higher than what was appointed in laboratory tests so far. And there was infection in zika “most” of mothers who had babies with microcephaly. Minutes later, However, He admitted that the estimate used by the ministry does not reach even half of the cases. The folder would have reached the percentage of 40% making an analysis of exams to date – there was 508 confirmations, or equivalent 37,7% do total.

Since this fifth, the notification of suspected cases per zika is mandatory in Brazil. With this measure, Healthcare professionals should inform health authorities met weekly to patients with the disease suspected. If not pregnant, communication must be immediate. “Now we have tests that allow us to safely give the diagnosis of the virus.”

They were speaking during a Brazil-US bilateral meeting. at the meeting, which ends on Friday (19), representatives of the two countries discuss strategies for disease prevention and combating Aedes aegypti. “The most important is the vaccine”, said Castro. At the end of the meeting, It will be released a schedule of measures.

The minister also said the clinical trials of the US-Brazil dengue vaccine begin next week. The study should be done with 17 thousand volunteers, with different age groups: from 2 a 6 years, from 7 a 17 e 18 a 59. Only part was recruited, but the amount is enough to start work.

Source: Veja.com

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