ALE-AM starts mobilization against Aedes Aegypti

Campaign aims to raise awareness and public servants of Parliament.
16/02/2016 18h44 - Updated 16/02/2016 18h44
Photo: OF-AM

With the support of 24 MEPs, Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard) began a mobilization of all its servers - effective, commissioned, active and inactive - in order to consicentizar on the urgent need to combat the mosquito Aedes aegypti, transmits dengue, chikungunya fever virus and zika. The announcement was made by the chairman of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) at the Plenary Session on Tuesday (16), when he said that Parliament officially joined the national mobilization campaign against the mosquito.

"Last weekend, the Federal Government, along with the State Government, launched a national campaign to combat the Aedes aegypti and this house is, since today, officially in the same way for us to make the population, especially women, future moms, They do not suffer from this virus ", He said President minutes before an Assignment time with the CEO of the Foundation in the Amazon Surveillance Health (FVS), Medical Bernardino Albuquerque, on actions to combat the mosquito, not Amazonas.

According to the director of the Medical Center Aleam, Arnoldo Andrade, health professionals have started a mobilization in the areas of home to educate servers. Employees will be trained in an emergency brigade against the mosquito, already on Thursday (18). "We need to take home this awareness, because it is an extremely painful sight to see a child being born with microcephaly ", he said.

Also according to Arnoldo Andrade, to promote Aleam, in the days 8 e 9 March, one Mobilization Seminar Against Aedes aegypti with the presence of health authorities and health of the Amazon Surveillance, to discuss the issue.


The life cycle of Aedes aegypti is 7 a 10 days, so it is necessary to remove or seal the possible proliferation of the mosquito places in this period, ie those which accumulate water, as water tank, gallons, casks, wells, latões, drums, tires, gutters, animal drinkers, plant saucers, bottles, and tarpaulins.

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