Students do march to mobilize against the Aedes Aegypti in the south

The aim is to sensitize residents to combat the mosquito zika, dengue e chikungunya.
26/02/2016 13h13 - Updated 26/02/2016 13h17
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Students from four municipal centers Early Childhood Education (Cmei) joined students of the School Vincent de Paul on Friday, 26, to scroll through the main streets of Japiim and Petrópolis neighborhoods, ambos the zona Sul, to mobilize and sensitize residents in combating the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

This was the second of three official dates of Zika Zero National Campaign. The second day 'D' of Education aims to mobilize the whole school community to become multipliers of preventive actions against the mosquito Dengue, Zika e Chikungunya. The activity is part of the Covenant of Brazilian Education Against Zika, promoted by the Ministry of Education (GUY) in all schools in the country.

The concentration of the march took place in the court of the Municipal School Vicente de Paula, where they met students of CMEIs Violet White Menescal de Oliveira, Professor Odete de Araújo Barbosa Puga, Maestro Dirson Costa and CMEI Cecilia Cabral. To the accompaniment of parents and teachers, students followed with pamphlets and posters by neighboring streets, drawing the attention of residents to the care that must be taken into their homes.

"This is the time to sensitize the community and we are bringing our schools, doing educational work, combating Dengue, Zika e Chikungunya”, said manager Maria Santana, of Vincent de Paul School. she recalled, still, that action will continue throughout the school year.

Gather students of CMEIs, those between 4 e 5 years old, it is important for them to learn from an early age on the subject, as he pointed out to the manager of CMEI Odete Puga, Amanda Macanoni. according to her, lectures and recreational activities that address preventive actions are carried out in schools.

"Fighting the mosquito is very important. So, we are trying to sensitize the community and, mainly, children from kindergarten, that does not have much knowledge about the mosquito and the seriousness of their presence in our homes ", said.

Already do Carmo Kaline student, 11, of Vincent de Paul School, reported what is learned in school have to be passed on at home. "We have to see the focus in our homes, seek to eliminate to prevent breeding grounds for the mosquitoes do not procreate. What we learn in schools, we spend for parents and friends to warn ", reported.

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