Ana Paula returns to BBB and confronts brothers

Confined were blankly.
11/02/2016 11h18 - Updated 11/02/2016 11h18
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In protest on social networks of people who dreamed of an epic comeback on the live program on Thursday evening, Ana Paula just to gather with participants BBB16. Excited about the return, she wanted to see the reaction of the leader. He knocked on the bedroom door and, so Juliana opened, He turned on the light and sent, screaming: “Good Morning! Look at her! Look at her! I returned, by the way, I was here the whole time!”. Juliana, sleepily, He could hardly believe what he saw. “What is your level of threat now?”, joked mining.

First, mining went downstairs and went straight to the outside area thank. After, He woke friends at Purple Room to tell the news. Ronan nudged the leg and screamed for confined: “I'm back in the game! I was watching you”. After the philosophy student, mining agreed to fellow Geralda: “I have inside information. I was watching all”, Explain. For Maria Claudia and Matthew, said: “If I had actually been eliminated, you would be the next to leave, without knowing”. And for Cocoa: “For listening to small talk, are they wanting to play against Munik, only observe. They [Adelia and Juliana] They want to end!”.

In the Yellow Room, Renan and Daniel talked about the return of Ana Paula. Under nervous laughter, Renan commented Daniel: “Hell will return again. Gets ready, warrior!”. The businessman returned: “He has returned!”.

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