After Omar's remarks, Senate tips amendment that would damage the ZFM

The vote came on the evening of Wednesday (17), no Federal Senate, in Brasilia.
18/02/2016 11h49 - Updated 19/02/2016 14h35
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Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) He made a statement and articulated the overthrow of an amendment that would hinder the Manaus Free Trade Zone. The vote came on the evening of Wednesday (17), no Federal Senate, in Brasilia. She was on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) 128/2015, authored by Senator Ricardo Ferraço (sem party / ES).

The amendment prohibited the Ferraço Union to reduce the rates of some taxes without states and municipalities are compensated for the loss of revenue resulting from these exemptions. Me and PEC 128 prevents the creation of laws that impose or transfer financial burden for the Union, States, municipalities and the Federal District with no source of income or the respective transfer of funds from the federal government.

"This is an easy speech to developed regions and, from a time of D. Pedro I, They have received incentives from the Federal Government, where you have roads to go to any municipality. See the State of Minas Gerais, where you go to any municipality of car! Go on to the Amazon, going there for my state, goes to Acre, go to Para, goes to the Amapá! The reality is different ", said Senator Omar Aziz.

Amazon bench coordinator in the National Congress and leader of Parliamentary Democracy Progressive Block, that adds nine senators, He pointed out that the proposed Ferraço was dubious in relation to incentives granted and to be granted from now.

"Nothing prevents discuss, on here, not Senate, the increase in the percentage for the FPM (Participation Fund of the Municipalities) and the FPE (Participation Fund of the States). This is not the time to play with the economy of the United, much to put in doubt legally can or can not, or who will replace the question ", said Senator Amazon.

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