PM's performance in schools reflects the safety of neighborhoods, says deputy

In Manaus, five schools are administered by the Military Police.
23/02/2016 11h41 - Updated 23/02/2016 11h41
Photo: OF-AM

At the opening of the Plenary Session on Tuesday (23), the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) made thanks to the work being developed by the Amazonas Military Police in State schools, and around these schools. For him, the performance of the PM in schools is reflected in the safety of the neighborhoods where the educational unit is installed.

The president was, on Monday (22), in the event of inauguration of State Professor Eliana de Freitas Morais School, the Blue Lagoon set, neighborhood Santa Etelvina, north of Manaus, which will be administered by the PM through a partnership between the State Department of Education (Seduc) and the Military Police.

"This is a school that since yesterday, when it first opened, It is under the administration of the Military Police. And when the PM arrives in a neighborhood, either by their own presence or running a school, the neighborhood already feel much safer. So I want to thank the work that the military police place in our state ", said.

The school was equipped with an investment of R $ 13,15 million from the State Government, and has 24 classrooms, computer lab and science, library, pool, football field, refectory, quadra, music and dance halls, among other spaces.

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