Neighborhood St. Augustine wins Sports Complex

Space will have stands, WC, and rooms for administration.
25/02/2016 10h14 - Updated 25/02/2016 10h14
Photo: Mario Oliveira / Semcom

renovation works of the sports court of St. Augustine, Central-West, They are apace. On the evening of Wednesday (24), Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto (PSDB) You were on site when confirmed that the soccer field the street Jerusalem will become the Sports Center neighborhood.

Reform of the space is the result of a parliamentary amendment presented by councilor Samuel Vasconcelos, who accompanied the mayor during the inspection of the work. "St. Augustine gets a great handset, thanks to Alderman sensitivity. It is important to have this very specialized advice of councilors. They are able to see within their communities what are the real needs and this union has brought good results for Manaus ", said the mayor.

The space, which before was only as the sand soccer field, now replaced by stands, bathrooms and soon room for administration and showers. The wall has also been adapted and still receive railings. The project is budgeted at R $ 300 one thousand.

"In this complex we will be able to practice sport, leisure and culture, bringing forth the events as the anniversary of the neighborhood, festivals, and meetings of all magnitudes in the same space ", Councilman assessed.

To Fabiola Braga, who coordinates a soccer school in the neighborhood, the sports center was welcomed. "Now, we'll have a place to train and sure work even harder to get that pile of idleness because those who practice sport do not have time to stay on the street and sport is life ", commented.

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